How to choose the perfect setting for your engagement ?

One of the hardest decision you will have to face after buying a great diamond is to choose the style of your diamond ring setting. Even if the diamond value might represent 80-90%  of the total price, the setting style play a crucial effect on the appearance of the diamond. The question you might ask yourself now is “How can I decide which ring setting will work best for me?”

My first advice how to choose a semi mount (ring setting) is the one I give to all of my customers: Be sure to select an engagement ring setting you really like and do not make compromises for some capital reasons. Your diamond will be set in this wedding ring setting and will be holding on your finger for a long time, hence the importance of choosing one you love. Makes sense? Great, now here is my answer to help you decide which setting is the best for you: Solitaire Ring Setting.

Setting Head

Setting Head

Setting Shank

Setting Shank

What is a solitaire ring setting?

The Solitaire Setting was originally designed by Tiffany & Co in 1886. After many years in the market, it is still considered as the most classic and traditional design ever made. I would say that the answer, why over the years this design hardly received any changes at all, resides in its simplicity. The design is made of a round plain shank that comes together on the top of the finger. On the point of connection you will see a head for the diamond, most of the time with 4 or 6 prongs.

Four prongs setting

Four prongs setting

Six prong setting

Six prong setting

If a prong setting for your ring is not what you are looking for, you can also find solitaire mounts that accommodate different head or band style. Among them, bezel setting and channel setting may be of great interest. In addition to the style of the setting, you may also select the type of the metal for the ring setting where gold, white gold and platinum are some of the possibilities. The beauty of this design is that there is a solution for anyone.

Cathedral Setting


Basket Setting


Trellis Setting


Bezel Setting


If you wish to buy an engagement ring as a surprise but are not sure which ring setting to choose, don’t worry too much. The investment you will make in the ring setting is minimal and it will be very easy to switch to any other design that you might want in the future without losing (almost) any money.

For those who like simple and beautiful design, a solitaire setting makes the perfect choice to hold your diamond and will present it in all of its beauty. By choosing a solitaire ring you are sure to have a win-win situation.

If you wish to have more details or you have any question, we would be very happy to answer you.

4 thoughts on “How to choose the perfect setting for your engagement ?

    • Hi,
      There no deference to clean a bezel setting or any setting….the easiest way will be to deep it in a cleaning solution,use a toothbrush to scrub the diamond or once a year you can send it to your jeweler for cleaning.
      Larry Davis
      The Diamond traces team

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