Unique Wedding Registry Ideas

The question has been popped, she has said yes, and you are ready to start planning My Wedding. How excited you must be! In addition to the many issues going through your head right now, you will be planning venues, picking bridal attendants, and also, planning the gift registry. All of this in today’s economy. While you are remembering your own budget during your wedding countdown, you also need to remember your guests. If you have ever been invited to a wedding, the first thing that likely popped into your head was, how much is this day going to cost me? Remember that your guests are going through the same thing when you are planning your wedding registry. Today however, new couples are getting very creative about how to go about this, and still get everything that they need. Here are some ideas for you to consider.

One thing that is sure is that today’s economy is tough. This is probably playing a role in your wedding plans. You may also be in the same boat as many couples that are also hoping to plan for their first new home together. As you should be, this is all a very exciting, but pressure filled time for you. This is where the gift registry comes in. Before you decide what to do with your registry, you need to think about what you need.

Some couples today will be foregoing their honeymoon because of the cost involved. But if a honeymoon is extremely important to you, you can implement this into your registry and ask your guests to help you out! A new trend in weddings today is using a travel agent as your gift registry. You pick where you and your beloved want to go, and set it up with a travel agent. You simply tell your guests what arrangements you have made, and they deposit money with the travel agent to help you have your dream honeymoon. Every couple should start off with this shared memory, and there will be few if any of your guests that have a problem with it.

Another similar idea is registering with a local bank to collect money directly from your guests. This sounds much less awkward than you might think, because many couples are doing just that to save for their first home. Instead of registering for actual presents, couples register a bank account to start saving for their life together. Think about it. How many times have you slipped some cash or a check into a wedding card? New couples have been getting money as a gift since the age of the dowry, and this is simply a contemporary way of getting it and making the process that much easier for your guests.

When you are hot in the throes of a wedding timeline, and you already have everything you need to begin your life with your beloved, asking for what you need in this economy is an easy way to check more off your list. As well, this tells your guests exactly what you need, and makes their job of gift giving so much easier, as they will be able to spend exactly what they want, without feeling like they have to go over budget themselves. These ideas are a win win for everybody!

The History of the Wedding Band.

When it comes to weddings, the word tradition is one of the words you will hear the most often during the planning process. There is no human experience short of birth that does not come with a long range of historical elements and tradition the way a wedding experience does. For every family and for every culture and for every wedding there are different traditions. But it seems the one tradition that has held long and true for weddings all over the globe is the tradition of wedding rings and bands. Today we will talk about this tradition, and hopefully give you an idea of why this tradition is still so meaningful and revered today.

There is an incredible amount of symbolism attached to the symbolism of the wedding band. Though there are many different streams of thought as to how or why this tradition started, they all offer the same traditional experience. For many, the tradition of the wedding band started in ancient Egypt, where the symbol of a gold ring became the traditional wedding rings design because the circle represented the notion that life, love, and happiness has no beginning, and no end. This is the statement that even today is said in many vows and ceremonies marking this occasion all over the globe.

Ancient Egypt as well is also attributed for beginning the tradition of placing it on the fourth finger of the left hand, the finger that we know of today as the “ring finger” for this very purpose. The story goes that this tradition began because the primary vein in this finger goes directly back to the heart, thus this finger became the finger of choice as the ring was a direct connection to the wearer’s heart, the organ where love resides eternally.

As time went on, the Roman era continued this tradition, but the ring became a contractual document of sorts. The symbol of the ring was the symbol of marriage, and this ring would represent the legalization of the marriage when it became public. Eloping would not have been considered in this time, as the public exchange of rings was an important step in sealing the deal, or the symbolic way of signing the dotted line. Today, this tradition is still present in many contemporary ceremonies when you hear the bride and groom say before their loved ones in public, “with this ring, I thee wed.”

A few centuries later, Europeans would expand on this tradition with a tradition that would become known as the engagement ring. This was a ring that would be given in addition to the wedding ring, and one before the wedding. This tradition is still present today, all over the globe. In Europe at the time in the 1600’s, this ring was not called an engagement ring, but rather a Poesy Ring, and given as a symbol of promise to marriage. The circle represented fidelity and was consider a pledge of eternal love in much the same manner that today’s engagement ring promises. Today, whether you are getting wedding rings for cheap, or going as extravagant as you can for your future betrothed, the history of this tradition lives on and is an important step for any couple getting married.

Original Engagement Rings

The day has finally arrived where you have come to the conclusion without hesitation that you know exactly who you want to spend the rest of your life with. Every experience you have from this point forward needs to come with almost as much consideration as you have placed into the selection of this perfect individual for you. This is someone who is a one of a kind original in your life, and always will be. As such, you want to have an original engagement ring that speaks volumes about how unique you are, and how unique this unity will be from this day forward. Being original is in fact fashion’s biggest trend right now and this trend is definitely making its mark on the engagement ring industry. It simply has never been easier to create original engagement rings, that are as unique as the couple who invests in them.

The build engagement ring model is one that many online retailers have launched. It is one that answers the trend of today’s need for originality. At Diamond Traces, we offer you this service, and more, as our huge selection is unsurpassed by anyone in the industry. Here you can design your engagement ring from start to finish so that it is nothing but you through and through.

If you aren’t sure what you want, our unique templates allow you to mix and match styles, setting, metal, shape, cut, quality and much more, for as long as you like until you create the ring of your dreams. Knowing what your budget is will be the ideal starting point before you begin the design process. From there you can determine whether you want something that looks antique, contemporary chic, or offers more sparkle than the midnight sky.

If you are buying the ring for someone else, and she doesn’t quite know yet what surprise you have in store for her, now would be a good time to start dropping hints with her to get an idea for what kind of ring she would truly gasp over. Although many starlets today wow the world with huge rings with a ton of diamonds, these are not practical choices for every woman, and some women simply like something a little more simple. She might even be dropping hints herself, by drawing attention to gems seen on television or flat out telling you what her dream ring would look like.

You can also get a very good feel for what a woman would like in an engagement ring by using her current way of accessorizing as a way to tell what kind of jewelry she likes to wear. Keep in mind if she frequently wears one metal more commonly than others, such as if she wears white or yellow more frequently than the other. You will want to get a ring that matches her everyday style. If she wears a lot of accessories every day, chances are the bigger and more brilliant will take her breath away. If she wears little jewelry on a day to day basis, a sleek but simple ring will surely impress her.

Once you have an idea on what her personality says about her ring style, you can begin the process to design your engagement ring. Use our simple but handy tool to start this process, and within minutes you could have an engagement ring that is as one of a kind an original as she is.

Some exemple of engagement rings:

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Women & Diamonds

“The Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” is one of the most iconic phrase that is known around the world, it was first introduced by Carol Channing in the original Broadway production of “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”, but it become world wide famous when Marilyn Monroe played the film with the same title in 1953. Since then, the phrase become an iconic word with a hidden message for every men.

The meaning is “if you wish to find your way into the woman’s heart” it will happen with a nice diamond. I work in the diamond industry over 17 years as a sales consultant and I could not find any better phrase that will top this one.

The reason for it is very simple, it is true as millions of man noticed over the years, this is the reason that engagement rings become a “standard” for the “act” that is to ask the girl to marry you the gentleman. This short story from the original Broadway play changed the world of diamonds for ever, the only thing from the show that is not true is “gentlemen prefer blondes” as the diversity of beautiful women covers the whole spectrum of color very respectfully.