Should I buy the diamond in one place and the ring in another?


When you purchase a diamond and you wish to buy a ring, one of the first questions that come in mind is: Should I purchase the ring and diamond from the same seller? The answer can go either way, it is a matter of cost, it make sense to check the two items separately so you will know what is the best price as if you would purchase them separately and then you can check with the seller if there is a special discount to purchase them together.

Take in account that you can have a seller that is specialized in diamonds and another seller that is specialized in ring settings as not everyone is selling rings and diamonds together.

If you find a seller that sells both there is a good chance that you will get an extra discount. In case that you wish to design your own ring there are some sellers that you can send to them an image of the ring that you wish and they can duplicate the ring and make it for you as a special order.

When you purchase the diamond separately, you have to make sure that the diamond will fit the setting especially on square/rectangular diamonds as each is unique.

When you have a limited budget, it is good to purchase the diamond first as it is the part that will cost most of the ring.

Another good advice is in a case that you like a ring with micro pave diamonds, it is important not to resize the ring more than 1 size as it can compromise the structure of the setting. It is always a good idea to order the ring in your size.