Secret Diary of a Salesman

I am a salesman for many years now and from time to time, I encounter interesting stories. Here is the first one of a new serie of articles I called “Secret Diary of a Salesman”.

After receiving my daily dose of phone calls, I answered the phone to another one and was expecting the usual stuff. The customer on the other side of the line was speaking with a very polite voice and asked me if he can come up to the office to see an engagement ring for his daughter. I replied with a yes and set the appointment for him.

On the day of the appointment, straight on time, the bell rang inside our offices and via the intercom I verified the customer information (for security purposes). I opened the door and, what a surprise! 7 people had lined up and came in. Usually I would not allow more than 2 people in the office, but they looked so nice and even apologized for coming all together, so I let them all in. When I started talking to the oldest man, who was also the father, I noticed that they were from Egypt (I am myself Israeli). As we continue talking from one subject to another, I asked him how many kids he have. His answer was 4 daughters, and I followed my question with: “What is your daughter profession, and he said “She is a doctor”. I continued to ask him what his others daughters are doing and he said with a smile: “My second is a doctor, my third is a doctor, and my fourth is…yes you guessed it…a doctor”. I found this very unusual so I asked the future son in law on his profession? And he said…a doctor…

I was amazed with this very modest family and I really want to share this story with you.


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