Women & Diamonds

“The Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” is one of the most iconic phrase that is known around the world, it was first introduced by Carol Channing in the original Broadway production of “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”, but it become world wide famous when Marilyn Monroe played the film with the same title in 1953. Since then, the phrase become an iconic word with a hidden message for every men.

The meaning is “if you wish to find your way into the woman’s heart” it will happen with a nice diamond. I work in the diamond industry over 17 years as a sales consultant and I could not find any better phrase that will top this one.

The reason for it is very simple, it is true as millions of man noticed over the years, this is the reason that engagement rings become a “standard” for the “act” that is to ask the girl to marry you the gentleman. This short story from the original Broadway play changed the world of diamonds for ever, the only thing from the show that is not true is “gentlemen prefer blondes” as the diversity of beautiful women covers the whole spectrum of color very respectfully.


Before you propose to your love…the do and not to do….

Hi my friends,

To propose to your love will be one of the most imported things you ever will do, for some man it is plain and simple and for others it is a nerve racking process, no matter how you feel the goal is the same to get together with someone you love and I am sure that all of us see a nice family picture down the road.

As one that is breezing the diamonds for many years I observed 2 main types of situations that man face…

The first one is when the man is working with the girl together to purchase the diamond ring….in this case my advice for the man is : Be low profile and make sure that you listen to the girl on what she want…than make sure that the budget that you have will fit in the cost of the ring, basically you stay passive while your only job is to listen and making sure that your girl is getting what she want….also make sure that you as the one that pays the bill will not be ripped off as with today’s internet you can find deals that were not available a couple of years back.

The second situation is when the man will buy the diamond ring without the knowledge of the girl…it will be a total surprise to her…

This will be a little harder than when both are working together but it still can be very successful.

The first rule is to investigate what is the like and the don’t like of the girl like shape of the diamond, the metal that she want (white gold or yellow gold, platinum)….after you have figured this part you have to figure out the finger size that she got, after you have this two elements your way to success is open and the only thing that is left is to figure how much is your real budget.

When the man is using the second way it can be with fun and surprise as long as he learns the no no of the future wife and the man must make sure not to push his likes….as it is the girl’s time.

One last advice: never bring your future mother in law to shop for the ring…..