All you want to know about Enhanced diamonds

Many of my friends asked me about enhanced diamonds…they wanted to know first what enhanced diamonds are. Are they real diamonds? What is the deferent between enhanced diamonds and not enhanced? What is the advantage of buying enhanced diamonds? What are the prices compare to non enhanced diamonds? Is the enhancement coming with a warrantee? What about the certificate?  Basically they wanted to know everything that I know.

First of all enhanced diamonds are 100% natural diamonds that come out as rough than they are polished and as it says: they are getting enhanced….it is like my human body that is almost perfect and the only part that is not perfect is my nose that is a little too long for my taste…so what I am going to do? I will make a plastic surgery to enhance my nose so all will be perfect, the same is with diamonds the 100% natural diamond is nice and the clarity is graded let say I-2 that is relatively a low clarity grading…the diamond got a nice color but the clarity is low….what the enhancement process is doing is to convert heavy inclusions like black carbon inclusions to white or transparent inclusions, usually an enhancement will upgrade the diamond by 2 grades so if we had an I-2 diamond after enhancement it will become an SI-2 clarity (by GIA standard), the advantage that you will have is that you will pay for a diamond that will be an SI-2 clarity as it was a diamond priced as an I-2 as the cost that you will pay for can be up to 50% less than a non treated diamond.

Most of the major companies that produce enhanced diamonds will give you a lifetime guarantee; we at Diamond Traces will give you a lifetime guarantee as well.

The enhancement process started in 1980 and in the last couple of years the enhancement process become very popular among large parts of the population as top rated companies that certify diamonds like GIA, AGI and EGL are certifying enhanced diamonds as well.