Women & Diamonds

“The Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” is one of the most iconic phrase that is known around the world, it was first introduced by Carol Channing in the original Broadway production of “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”, but it become world wide famous when Marilyn Monroe played the film with the same title in 1953. Since then, the phrase become an iconic word with a hidden message for every men.

The meaning is “if you wish to find your way into the woman’s heart” it will happen with a nice diamond. I work in the diamond industry over 17 years as a sales consultant and I could not find any better phrase that will top this one.

The reason for it is very simple, it is true as millions of man noticed over the years, this is the reason that engagement rings become a “standard” for the “act” that is to ask the girl to marry you the gentleman. This short story from the original Broadway play changed the world of diamonds for ever, the only thing from the show that is not true is “gentlemen prefer blondes” as the diversity of beautiful women covers the whole spectrum of color very respectfully.


All you want to know about Enhanced diamonds

Many of my friends asked me about enhanced diamonds…they wanted to know first what enhanced diamonds are. Are they real diamonds? What is the deferent between enhanced diamonds and not enhanced? What is the advantage of buying enhanced diamonds? What are the prices compare to non enhanced diamonds? Is the enhancement coming with a warrantee? What about the certificate?  Basically they wanted to know everything that I know.

First of all enhanced diamonds are 100% natural diamonds that come out as rough than they are polished and as it says: they are getting enhanced….it is like my human body that is almost perfect and the only part that is not perfect is my nose that is a little too long for my taste…so what I am going to do? I will make a plastic surgery to enhance my nose so all will be perfect, the same is with diamonds the 100% natural diamond is nice and the clarity is graded let say I-2 that is relatively a low clarity grading…the diamond got a nice color but the clarity is low….what the enhancement process is doing is to convert heavy inclusions like black carbon inclusions to white or transparent inclusions, usually an enhancement will upgrade the diamond by 2 grades so if we had an I-2 diamond after enhancement it will become an SI-2 clarity (by GIA standard), the advantage that you will have is that you will pay for a diamond that will be an SI-2 clarity as it was a diamond priced as an I-2 as the cost that you will pay for can be up to 50% less than a non treated diamond.

Most of the major companies that produce enhanced diamonds will give you a lifetime guarantee; we at Diamond Traces will give you a lifetime guarantee as well.

The enhancement process started in 1980 and in the last couple of years the enhancement process become very popular among large parts of the population as top rated companies that certify diamonds like GIA, AGI and EGL are certifying enhanced diamonds as well.

Diamond Certificates

Many customers asked me what is the deferent between GIA, EGL, AGI, IGI or any other certificate?

Well, I feel the confusion of you the customer when you want to buy a diamond online or at your local store, when you want to buy let say a diamond 2 carat with H color and SI-1 clarity and you notice deferent prices for deferent certificates….. You start to be confused and instate of a simple decision it become a hard to understand decision….why is it so confusing?

First you have to understand the mechanism of how diamonds are grated, The company that invented the grading system that we are using today was GIA and the majority of the other companies that are grading diamonds (like EGL that is the biggest certificate issuer) are using the same system, the question remaining is for example: Why diamonds graded by GIA are more expensive than diamonds graded by anyone else?

First we have to agree that any diamond came out from a diamond mine did not come out with any certificate…..When the diamond came out as a rough the diamond was send to a manufacturing for cutting and polishing, when this process was done the diamond was sold to a diamond dealer, this diamond dealer is the one that decide to send the diamond for certification (some decide to sell the diamond as it is without certificate), now imagine that this diamond is 2.00 carat in weight was send first to GIA for certification and then the same diamond was send to EGL for certification (this happen in reality as well).

When the diamond came back from GIA the color grading was H color and SI-1 in clarity.

The same diamond was send to EGL and the diamond came back with a grading of G in color and VS-2 in clarity…. (EGL will grade diamonds 1-2 grade higher than GIA).

When you the customer look on the grading it look like the G color and VS-2 clarity(EGL) is a better deal (grading) compare to the H in color and SI-1 in clarity(GIA)…..The facts are that it is the same diamond with deferent grading . This is a summary of the grading by deferent companies that can explain why H color GIA is the same as G color VS-2 EGL…..

If you have more to ask please email me.

Hello to all,

My name is Jake ,  For the last 15 years I am an executive in some of the top companies in  the diamond industry, I act now as the executive manager for Diamond Traces, I like to make knowledge available to all as more we know better we will function as a whole, I would like to share my knowledge in the diamond industry with many people as possible, yes it is true that this blog and the articles are connected to Diamond Traces but I promise to all of you that my view is honest and represent my true thinking, I would write about topics that are concerning the jewelry and diamond industry and that I think are important to everyone, I would love to receive question from the general public and I will do my best to answer everyone.

Before you propose to your love…the do and not to do….

Hi my friends,

To propose to your love will be one of the most imported things you ever will do, for some man it is plain and simple and for others it is a nerve racking process, no matter how you feel the goal is the same to get together with someone you love and I am sure that all of us see a nice family picture down the road.

As one that is breezing the diamonds for many years I observed 2 main types of situations that man face…

The first one is when the man is working with the girl together to purchase the diamond ring….in this case my advice for the man is : Be low profile and make sure that you listen to the girl on what she want…than make sure that the budget that you have will fit in the cost of the ring, basically you stay passive while your only job is to listen and making sure that your girl is getting what she want….also make sure that you as the one that pays the bill will not be ripped off as with today’s internet you can find deals that were not available a couple of years back.

The second situation is when the man will buy the diamond ring without the knowledge of the girl…it will be a total surprise to her…

This will be a little harder than when both are working together but it still can be very successful.

The first rule is to investigate what is the like and the don’t like of the girl like shape of the diamond, the metal that she want (white gold or yellow gold, platinum)….after you have figured this part you have to figure out the finger size that she got, after you have this two elements your way to success is open and the only thing that is left is to figure how much is your real budget.

When the man is using the second way it can be with fun and surprise as long as he learns the no no of the future wife and the man must make sure not to push his likes….as it is the girl’s time.

One last advice: never bring your future mother in law to shop for the ring…..