Buying a Diamond Online

Whenever you buy something off the internet, you take a chance at being scammed. There are very many good sites to purchase from, but you need to know what to look for. This goes for buying a diamond online also. You’re going to be sending some company a large amount of money, so you need to make sure that money is safe, is paying for what you are ordering, and that you can recover that money if something goes wrong.

Do some in depth research of sites you are looking at. If it is within the United States, run them through the Better Business Bureau. If they don’t have a listing or rating for the company, the company may be fairly new so check around on the internet for any complaints or reviews before doing business with them. You should know up front, though, that many internet businesses will post fake reviews and reports of their company.

Make sure the company you have has a guarantee or warrantee that you can get in writing. Be sure that the diamond you are purchasing comes with a certificate of authenticity. You should also have the option to speak to a live person. It wouldn’t be wise to order something from an online store if you cannot communicate with anyone there.

Also check on the return policy of the site, the method of delivery, and their insurance. If they don’t insure your shipments, do not purchase from them. It would be so easy to say something has shipped after they collect the money, pocket the money, and you never see your item or your money again.

A diamond is a very popular and precious stone. They are not cheap, so if you are thinking about purchasing one on the internet, check out the store and its policies in detail first.