Original Engagement Rings

The day has finally arrived where you have come to the conclusion without hesitation that you know exactly who you want to spend the rest of your life with. Every experience you have from this point forward needs to come with almost as much consideration as you have placed into the selection of this perfect individual for you. This is someone who is a one of a kind original in your life, and always will be. As such, you want to have an original engagement ring that speaks volumes about how unique you are, and how unique this unity will be from this day forward. Being original is in fact fashion’s biggest trend right now and this trend is definitely making its mark on the engagement ring industry. It simply has never been easier to create original engagement rings, that are as unique as the couple who invests in them.

The build engagement ring model is one that many online retailers have launched. It is one that answers the trend of today’s need for originality. At Diamond Traces, we offer you this service, and more, as our huge selection is unsurpassed by anyone in the industry. Here you can design your engagement ring from start to finish so that it is nothing but you through and through.

If you aren’t sure what you want, our unique templates allow you to mix and match styles, setting, metal, shape, cut, quality and much more, for as long as you like until you create the ring of your dreams. Knowing what your budget is will be the ideal starting point before you begin the design process. From there you can determine whether you want something that looks antique, contemporary chic, or offers more sparkle than the midnight sky.

If you are buying the ring for someone else, and she doesn’t quite know yet what surprise you have in store for her, now would be a good time to start dropping hints with her to get an idea for what kind of ring she would truly gasp over. Although many starlets today wow the world with huge rings with a ton of diamonds, these are not practical choices for every woman, and some women simply like something a little more simple. She might even be dropping hints herself, by drawing attention to gems seen on television or flat out telling you what her dream ring would look like.

You can also get a very good feel for what a woman would like in an engagement ring by using her current way of accessorizing as a way to tell what kind of jewelry she likes to wear. Keep in mind if she frequently wears one metal more commonly than others, such as if she wears white or yellow more frequently than the other. You will want to get a ring that matches her everyday style. If she wears a lot of accessories every day, chances are the bigger and more brilliant will take her breath away. If she wears little jewelry on a day to day basis, a sleek but simple ring will surely impress her.

Once you have an idea on what her personality says about her ring style, you can begin the process to design your engagement ring. Use our simple but handy tool to start this process, and within minutes you could have an engagement ring that is as one of a kind an original as she is.

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